Hospital management is the most complex management system comparing to other service industry, even to all industry. Hospital has the most different profession and profile background from doctors to bookkeeper, from director to ordinary staff.
People need hospital for keeping good healthy life, curing the disease or even building hope of life for dying family member.
Maxima as a consulting firm focusing on healthcare industry has comprehensive and collaborative services that will help hospitals to strengthen the management process for creating the caring excellence for its customers.

Clinic, Laboratory & Pharmacy:
Maxima serve clinic, laboratory and pharmacy in this rapidly growing business. We help clients with issues related to business processes, performance improvement, cost reductions, service excellence, and performance management in store.
There is no substitute for knowing a health industry inside and out. Institution needs to direct competitive dynamics, to attain customer’s satisfaction, and to innovate in the service strategy.

Association & Community:
The profession in the healthcare sector has built strong bond in association, like Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, Surgeon Association, Nurse Association and many more. Maxima help the association to develop the short-middle strategic plan for improvement of the organization and performance.
The innovate thinking and out of the box idea will elevate the prestige of the association and the cooperation with pharma company.

Pharma Company:
The pharma companies are indirect the main player in healthcare. The symbiosis mutualism between Pharma Company and doctors is undebatable. The indirect and direct customers are actually the society.
Maxima serve the pharma company as the bridge to deliver their product to the market, to develop the approaching strategy for the hospitals, and to increase the awareness of the products.

Health Science:
Health science is the company like publisher for medical and nursing books, academy and university for health professional.
We believe the importance of health science organization in the healthcare industry, for the organization is actually the producer for good quality healthcare professional. Maxima help with the unique approach and better understanding of the market to develop together the management system and to create the future healthcare professional.