About us


MAXIMA is the brand of PT. Healthqual Indonesia. Maxima is a management consulting firm dedicated to support organization in relation with healthcare industry.

Since its establishment in 2005, Maxima has rapidly emerged as one of the innovated consulting firm for healthcare sector in Indonesia. Our success is a result of competencies of our personals, our commitment to stay focused on our customer’s needs, and blending leadership into one seamless powerful process and teamwork.
Maxima has developed the services for healthcare related industry from only consulting into training, research, event, investment and technology.


maxima history

Being a reputable firm in Indonesia for healthcare related industry in delivering excellent and inspirational services
Providing excel-innovative products and services with solution to fulfill the needs and expectation of customers


Delivering excel and inspirational services

We believe our responsibility to professional in healthcare industry

Identify, fulfillment consumer needs and dedicated our resources is the main reason for our existing

All employee and owner have responsibility to satisfy the customer’s expectation through service quality, dedication and commitment for increment of healthcare quality, which impact the escalation of human quality life consistently.

We do not have anything with bigger value than our human resources! We believe that showing respect to the uniqueness of each person can build one good team with trust, innovation, high creativity, initiation, self-esteem and discipline.

We know that ongoing success depend on the continuous ability to improve the quality, cost and time of our products and services.

We give the chance for personal development, professional development and organizational development for innovation.

We expect revenue from our services of fulfillment the customer needs and benefit for others.

Why Maxima?
Maxima is not typically consulting, training, research or event firm, but we are always trying to add value in all our services. We provide the service with our mind and heart in each task from the customer and want to make impact for everyone inside the customer organization also outside the society. Delivering knowledge and skill for developing our customer resources is our target, and it satisfies us to see the growth of our customer after our service.
The team is very passionate and willing to learn many things, also open for suggestion, advice and opinion from others. Although Maxima focus on the healthcare related industry, but the team has learned so many management and organization from other industry. Therefore it enriches our knowledge and skill in implementing into the field. We are not only thinker, but we are also implementer and executer of our idea together with the customer.